App’s to help your Mental Health in lockdown

Looking after your health is really important in everyday life but even more so right now, from your mental well-being to what your putting into your body.

Figuring life out on your own can sometimes be hard and daunting and that’s ok we don’t come with a manual when we’re born explaining the different stages of our lifes. As much as that would be easier. Here’s a list of App’s that can help.


This app is probably my favourite if you feel stressed, anxious or trouble with sleeping and just finding it hard to stopping and relax. Looking for ways to help you learn how to meditate or simply slow down and being present.

You have a few options with the calm app parts are free or you can pay a yearly or monthly subscription.


This App helps you manage stress in a clever way your able to record your stress levels, helping you get a more accurate breathing exercise.


Moody Me

If you find yourself sad or frustrated at any point this app is a good one for pinpointing what’s annoying you so you can remove it or deal with it better.


Colour By Numbers

There are so many colour by number apps available for You download it’s definitely a great way to sit and relax if your feeling stressed or anxious about everything, a way to get your mind focused on something different.


Music is a great way to change your mood this app can help you do just that, Express how you feel with this app and not with words, you’re able to store your music with a personal journal.


NHS Tested

Don’t forget you can always have a look at what Apps the NHS have to offer

Feel free to share any apps you feel help you by leaving me a comment.

Stay Safe

Stay Healthy

Stay Home Kerry 💋

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