Things to keep you Occupied at home

Welcome back.

well we’ve made it though another week I hope your all doing well!

In this current situation it’s easy to start feeling like the walls are closer than normal being at home or you could be totally taking this all in your stride and getting all those odd ‘I’ve been meaning to do that’ job done!

Now if your not bring efficient which is completely normal and understandable these are times of confusion. Or your working from home so you don’t have any other choice than to be motivated and work productively.

Either way whatever your situation, everyone needs to sometimes take time out of home schooling, working or needing something different to occupy themselves. Keeping you mental health healthy right now is hugely important.

There’s a number of things you can do at home if you need a little inspiration/help distract your mind from everything that’s going on and obviously help you not to feel bored at home.


I love nothing more than to get lost in the Fantasy of a good movie or tv series and I can’t think of a better time to catch up on all your favourite TV shows or saved watch list on Netflix!

So if you’ve not watched Harry Potter, Game of Thrones or Gavin and Stacy then now is you’re moment. Plus again get a group of friends to watch the same as you at the same time set up a chat with WhatsApp or Messenger to chat to each other about it.


Some people’s favorite thing to do is grabbing a good book to get lost in the thought of a great Romance or murder mystery. This is literally the perfect moment to get your reading on.

Why not ask a few friends what their reading if your stuck of ideas, you could go one step further and see if anyone you know wants to set up a virtual ‘bookclub’ you can connect with everyone though several different App’s like Zoom, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp. Setting up a weekly call in gives you something to look forward to as well as do something different.

It’s a great way to escape the reality. You can read anything you want, a novel, Autobiography, comic, It’s your preference!


Playing games can be a great laugh and fun thing to do at home. I’m not just talking board/Card games but video games also. I know not everyone has a games console at home and that’s ok because there are so many free games available on your phones/tablets and computers theses days that are just as good.

If you have a cupboard full of board games dust them off and have some fun. I’ve got a few card games like a pub quiz game.

Board games aren’t just for Christmas!!


If i really want to escape the world then the only way to do that is by listening to music. Yesterday, I was listening to music for most of the day but it felt like It was only a few hours had passed which is so crazy but great at the same time.

Listening to the same playlists on repeat might make you feel a bit bored at some point so try not to over play the same thing. Well that’s what happens to me haha! You might enjoy the same album or playlist over and over. So I try to listen to new songs or artists even mixing it up a little with different languages.

Feel free to let me know by leaving me a comment on what your doing to pass the time by!?

But remember;

Stay Safe

Stay Healthy

Stay Home 

Kerry 💋

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