Celebrating kindness ~ Mental Health

“Mental health matterseven more so today than ever before we need to protect our mental health, you will always have your sceptics that say it’s just load rubbish man/women up your being dramatic there’s nothing wrong with you! DON’T listen and don’t try to reason with them it’s not going to help your mental health it’s only going to frustrate and stress you more.

I have a saying it’s that has got me though many situation ‘you can’t argue with stupid’.

Mentalhealth.org have named this years theme for mental health awareness week all about “Kindness”

This is possibly the most powerful word right now we could all use, having the feeling of giving kindness or receiving someone’s kindness with the current situation the way it is. Protecting our mental health is very much central to us coping now and recovering from this pandemic!

Kindness has the ability to create a difference with the way we all interact with each other, it strengthens relationships with others as well as ourselves, develops communities and deepens solidarity.

Kindness doesn’t always mean doing something for others it’s also being kind to yourself (which some of us I know finds hard), just by giving yourself or others kindness it motivates a genuine desire to make a positive difference. Kindness to ourselves can prevent ourselves from damaging our sense of identity also boosting our self-esteem, it can even improve feelings of confidence and optimism.

Kindness is an act of courage

Kindness can be risky the thought of looking foolish or being taken advantage of can over shadow the positive reasons of why in our minds which is why some of us sometimes second guess doing it. I’m here to tell you it’s none of the above. To give or receive kindness is nothing more than an act of courage.

For instance the kindness I’ve received

I got a beautiful postcard though the post from a friend after being told i was to shield myself from the outside world saying ‘You got this with some beautiful and encouraging words written on the back it was something unexpected but definitely needed at the time, I have it placed somewhere I can see it everyday to remind me I’ve totally it this.

My cousin has been a naughty but wonderful human sending little goodies though the post like chocolate carrots, lavender bed spray, a pamper pack with tea, face masks, wild flower seeds, hubby especially loved the retro sweet letterbox hamper we got loved to remind me I’m diabetic so it’s all his!!

Giving kindness

I sent flowers to my nanny we talk everyday and one day she mentioned her fresh flowers where dying and that made her sad because she wasn’t sure when she’d be able to go out and get fresh ones so I sent her some reminding her that we loved her and didn’t want her to not have fresh flowers.

Before we went into lockdown with my PA’s help we printed and she joyfully laminated some warning posters to give my neighbors who are disabled as I live on street with a few purposely built bungalows for people with disabilities. We was already doing one for myself as I have a muscular dystrophy a progressive muscle wasting condition and need to protect myself so a kind gesture we added a few more and posted them with a little note.

We are seeing, reading so many different acts of kindness in a time that’s so uncertain, have I struggled mentally yes absolutely I’ve had my dark days where I’ve had to work on myself that little bit harder than the day before, Try to remember your not alone you can get though this if you need help ask, if you think someone else needs help reach out to them because they might not be mentally able to themselves.

When was the last time you gave or experienced kindness? Tell me your story I’d love to here when you felt moved, loved, seen, protected.

And remember to keep talking

Kerry 💋

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