Love – what is love??

Well, guess what it’s Valentine’s Day‘ just in case you hadn’t noticed! The world of social media will be going into overdrive today – full of hearts, flowers, chocolates and people wishing their significant others a Happy Valentine’s Day. With the ‘I love you’s’ in full swing using this day to say how much they mean to them.

It’s a day of many different meaning for people the cringers, loneliness or wondering why it isn’t them.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m all for romance and love but I will openly admit I have never really gone for the Valentine’s Day saga.

It’s an interesting question though? – “What is love….?”

How do you know that you’re right? And Is love all hearts and flowers on one particular day?

My experience with love has certainly changed especially over the years from being chased by the boys as a non-disabled young adult to being a disabled women with muscular dystrophy a progressive muscle weakening condition.

There seems to be this huge stigma within society that disabled people can’t be loved or loved by a non-disabled person why is this? – I am a true believer love is love and should be shown everyday it’s the tiny little things that strike you, the things that didn’t need to be done or the things that aren’t planned or just something they do because they care.

  • It’s walking out the door saying I miss you already every time they leave.
  • It’s putting your compression socks on everyday even though they hate feet.
  • It’s buying flowers two days after Valentine’s Day just because they’re reduced.
  • It’s telling you they couldn’t get though a day without you.
  • It’s cutting your toenails because you can’t bend down to reach your feet.
  • It’s standing watching a reality TV programme pretending you secretly don’t love it saying you watch some sh*t.
  • It’s helping with ‘toilet issues‘ and making the same stupid ‘toilet‘ jokes all the time.
  • It’s catching a glimpse of them winking as they pass you though the living room.
  • It’s taking all the flack on a really bad day and still coming back for more.
  • It’s never showing their back is killing them and still lifting you because they don’t want you to lose the ability to stand.
  • It’s telling you, you give the best hugs even though you can lift your arms.
  • It’s seeing me for me a human being and not my disability/impairment.
  • It’s about being an idiot, but that’s ok ‘cos they’re your idiot.

That’s love, isn’t it? The small gestures, the compromises, the ‘I love you’s’ everyday, well that’s what it means to me.

On another note it’s important to remember that we reach out to people today regardless of whether we believe in celebrating the day or not as someone might be feeling lonely or down and missing loved ones. Share the love.

This is my tribute to my husband, my caregiver, my love.

Happy valentines day ALL

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day are you a card, flowers going all out or is it just an ordinary Sunday? Leave me a comment.

Kisses K

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6 thoughts on “Love – what is love??

  1. Beautiful post Kerry. I think, and know, that’s real love. Yes, I got gifts today but neither me nor my husband say love is shown just today, but every day. He says he doesn’t need a gift from me as I am his gift. My husband is also my carer. I have Cerebral Palsy in all 4 limbs plus hydrocephalus with a shunt and severe visual difficulties. I’m in an electric wheelchair too. I agree with everything you say here. We’ll be having a relaxing day with a nice meal. I did a post for my husband in 2019: and we’ll have been married 2 years this year come 11 April. Have a nice day.

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