Mental health – let’s talk

Mental health is something that I have spoken about and been very open and honest about my own struggles but it has been awhile – Right now our mental health and wellbeing is a topic that we really need to be addressing, so with no better time like the present. Let’s talk.

Unfortunately mental health illness is becoming more common. Really no surprise in the current situation we are all in whether you are non-disabled or disabled, but having said that it was on the rise before. Could it be put down to the pressures of society? Does social media play a big part in it? Or is it that people have always suffered in silence, and because of the stigma they have been afraid to say?

Personally, yes I think all of the above has a huge part to play.

There are many different types of mental health illnesses I won’t list them all or we could be here a while. So I am just going to pin pointing a couple of very common ones like anxiety and depression.

I fear with current events it has become worse, with long periods of time in isolation, loneliness, the lack of human contact, and a fear of protecting loved ones health without adding jobs and money – it is a mental mind field dealing with everything.

Many things can cause mental health issues from horrific trauma that causes PTSD to life changing accidents to disability/impairments and the death of a loved one or others have no particular trauma but through no fault of their own suffer with anxiety or low moods.

Not ALL disabled people are depressed.

I have written about this before and it is so important to remember that just because someone has a disability/impairment we don’t automatically have to be depressed, there has been a number of times where I have been made to feel like it is wrong I am not depressed. Yes, being disabled and chronically ill is hard at times and comes with its own struggles don’t get me wrong, however I am and many others are very positive people. Now I am not saying that I have never been depressed because I have and I work hard on myself everyday which means at the moment I am in a good place of course I have the occasional melt downs and dark days but I think we all do.

When you’re in that bad place

Sometimes you just want to scream but nothing comes out, sometimes you want to lock yourself away from the world, sometimes you just can’t see an end to a period you can no longer bear. Unless you have experienced it, it can be a very hard to explain just what’s going on in your mind and just how you feel. It’s also a lonely place to be.

When people say they had no idea a loved one had mental health issues yes they are probably right that they had no clue what was going on because some people have become so good at hiding it, painting a smile for show on their faces that loved ones and friends don’t know what is going on underneath. You also have the non believers that think it’s all nonsense and in peoples heads that’s certainly not helpful to anyone with mental health issues.

You are not alone or the only one

My mum said to me once, you have to really peal back each layer of someone and yourself, a bit like an onion to search deep enough beneath the surface to truly find where any unhappiness or issues stem from.” (mums are very wise at times!) I think this is very true, we can quickly assume everyone has this perfect life, but they don’t.

People can be very judgemental and tend to only really see the superficial things in someone’s life and not really know what others are having to cope with.

Why are we so quick to judge?

Let’s get talking, lets drop the judgements, let’s be kind not just to yourself but to others.

We already live a life that is full of so many challenges and barriers we should support each other. Which is one reason I love the disabled community it can be a hugely supportive.

How are you good or bad? Need a chat leave me a comment or send me a private message I’m always here;

Kisses K

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