Muscular Dystrophy – keeping your muscles moving!

Exercising, easy right? – as simple as putting on your lycra outfit, sweat bands and saying ‘okay let’s do this’ with Olivia Newton-John ‘let’s get physical’ playing in the background.

But how realistic is that for many disabled people right now? Especially at the moment if your unable to do any exercise or get outside to get fresh air, yoga, be one with nature on a long walk, running or everything else on that list of “what we can do to help us cope right now”.

With many fitness professionals and non professionals on social media platforms with slogans like ‘let’s keep it moving’ their whole focus is aimed at the non-disabled world, it would just be nice to see the disabled world who are in the same boat as the gyms and physiotherapist are closed for us also.

For me I have a rare form of muscular dystrophy a progressive muscle weakness condition, loss of muscle, and subsequent loss of control of movement. So keeping my muscles moving is important, unfortunately lately I have noticed I am weaker than maybe I was a year a go.

I read a great post by Francis Ryan on twitter that sums up not just how I’m feeling but probably many disabled people – she’s say ‘We get it. Running. Cold swimming. It helps. What if you can’t do those things? A less obvious narrative with tips for the millions of disabled readers’ full post here.

So in light of all of what I have said these are a few things I have at home that might help or might not or you already have.

Keeping my muscles active

Last year I invest in this a Motorised Pedal Exerciser (I like to ride my bicycle!) which I have found really helps in keeping my legs active it was very alien to begin and hard work my legs haven’t made that kind of movement in a long time but surprisingly I felt very liberated as if I achieve something even if my legs where tired plus you get to watch Netflix or find a countryside bike ride on YouTube. Plus I can give my arms a bit of an spin.

My neater arms supports, I love these but unfortunately right now I am not able to use them as they are still attached to a wheelchair that doesn’t work, helpful I know, but when they are on my new wheelchair I will be back in business!

These help raise and lower my arms with a button function while my arms are strapped into a sling – the arm movement I have to do myself which but it’s great to have the feeling of scratching your own nose!

As someone who prides on being honest and open with my life experiences with you all as my husband would like to say!

I do need to get myself back into a routine as the motivation just isn’t there right now I am just about holding it together mentally and my mental health is key to me, like so many I am stuck in a rut of seeing the same rooms, walls – but I know it’s so important for me to keep moving my muscles or I will just get weaker. So my mission after writing the article is to put my big girl wheels on and get back into a new routine may even stick Olivia Newton-John on!

How are you keeping active I would love to hear what keeps you moving have you any gadgets that help you?? Or are you like me motivation gone. Leave me a comment

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