Talking about disability seen as a taboo topic!

Hi my name is Kerry. And yes, I am a disabled woman. And no, I’m not a taboo topic.

An estimated 14 million disabled people in the UK, and yet talking about disability is still seen as a taboo topic in 2021. So is it really surprising that feelings of awkwardness is involved on both sides, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Surely, it is a reasonable subject to talk about in public if your a disabled person or is it really seen as that uncool, we should just accept that?

Are we not as human as the non-disabled person next to us?

Ignoring the topic can lead to fear of disability, and lack of education and awareness are the biggest contributors to discrimination!

Such a perfect quote.

People are often so worried about saying the wrong thing, yet saying nothing can do just as much or even more damaging. We’re only the elephant in the room if you make us just that. Saying the word ‘disabled’ isn’t rude, nasty or wrong it’s just a word, that some of us use to identify with. And if it’s something your child has not seen before, it’s natural for them to have questions as humans we are curious creatures.

If we don’t start teaching the next generations how to engage and talk to the disabled community we are going to keep repeating over and over the same discussions we are now. Why, because the next generation will be CEO’s, store managers, shop assistance and brand advisors. These will be the next generation that are going to be making decisions on who to hire and who’s going to look better in this brand campaign!

Brands/companies often avoid the disabled community for fear of doing something ‘wrong’. Instead, businesses need to build and embrace. Yes, it’s definitely getting better but if we’re to move forward it needs to be far better than it is.

Has the need for some within society to be ‘politically correct’ made the situation worse or better?

Every disabled individual deserves to have the same rights as everyone else to live in an diverse and inclusive world. However, my
concern is: how and when are we going to move forward if the average person doesn’t know or comprehend the barriers we face?

I do believe the biggest and most powerful tool we have is our life stories. If it’s not up to us to share as disabled people to teach our peers about the different struggles and barriers we face in our everyday lives then who’s is it?

I would love to hear what you think have you come across anyone that can’t talk to you or do you believe that talking about disability is a taboo subject and why? – feel free to leave me a comment.

Kisses K

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