Thank you

Thank you for the sacrifices you make, thank you for the things you do even when I know you don’t want to, thank you for being my rock when times are hard, thank you for being my best friend, thank you for sometimes being the voice of reason, thank you for the laughter you give me, thank you for the silly version of you only I get to see.

12 years ago when you met me I told you there was a strong possibility I would end up in a wheelchair unable to care for myself this didn’t make you run away you stayed, you stayed when it got tough even when you had the choice to go, you stepped up when no one asked you to.

Thank you for your quirky ways from your OCD way of hanging the washing out, your obsession with naming ever electrical item in the house that can be named.

Dave, Dave’s brother Steve and Dave’s brother John!!

Thank you for every argument we’ve had and are going to have it makes us stronger, thank you for keeping our relationship entertaining from being a fully grown man-child to the brat that needs everything it sees.

Thank you for being my carer and not letting anyone else care for me because you feel your letting me down, thank you for always supporting me no matter how crazy you think I am.

Thank you for the memories we’ve shared and future memories we’re going to share, thank you for telling me you love me every day, thank you for our little saying as you walk out the door and when we go to sleep.

I’ve never asked you to move in you’ve never ask me to marry you so how we ended up living together and married is a mystery?!

Our relationship is far from perfect but it’s ours.

Thank you for just being you

Dedicated To my husband ❤️

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