January Blues

With the excitement of Christmas and New Year over January can hit you as a bit of a shock!

Are you feeling the January blues?? low energy, low moods, sadness, lack of motivation, anxiety and the feeling of having nothing to look forward to.

It doesn’t help when your friends are constantly posting about being productive and focused on their New Year’s Resolutions/Goals, if you’ve not been hugely successful in the past with Resolutions/Goals you may even be beating yourself up over not fulfilling your Resolutions/Goals but don’t worry your not alone in the world lot’s of people feel the same way in January.

Here’s a few tips that might help you shift those January Blues.

Plan Ahead.

Make plans for the next few weeks ahead by doing this your giving yourself something to look forward to, doesn’t have to be anything that cost a lot of money there are plenty of things you can do for free or less than a £5, like meeting friends for coffee or going to a local art gallery.

Set realistic Resolutions/Goals.

Setting yourself goals that you can keep to realistically will help boast your mood, making small changes then seeing them though will help you feel like you’ve accomplished a lot, I find doing a goal board helps me when I’m stuck in a rut and need that extra vision, by putting it somewhere you’re going to see and look at every day.

Think about what your grateful for.

Some days are harder than others and we may not be feeling our best it can be for a number of reason just changing that negative energy by focusing on what your grateful for, sometimes it’s easy to forget what’s already great around us, more often than not we look for happiness outside ourselves. People focus on what they don’t have and what others do you have, but when we focus on what we are grateful for we start to appreciate what we do have feeling more content.

Set an intention for each day.

Set a goal for each day of something you want to achieve that day. It can be something as simple as saying hello and smiling at 5 people before the end of the day and you never know you might have just Brighton somebody else’s day up. Just by being clear on what you want to achieve on a daily basis will help you feel more accomplished and focused.

Journal or blog.

Starting a Journal or blog is an amazing way of writing down just how you’re feeling, putting it down on paper instead of letting it go around and around in your head, don’t stop until everything is out of your head, there is no right or wrong way to writing it all down. As after all these are your feelings no one else’s.

know that it will pass.

The most important thing to remember is that it will pass dealing with the January blues and knowing this feeling won’t last forever.

Believe in yourself

Be kind to yourself

I believe in you

But remember if you feel like you need that extra help then go and ask for it there is no shame in admitting your struggling your GP can always refer you for extra help or call a helpline like The Samaritans (116 123) you can even download app’s that help click link

Kerry 💋

Plus always remember you’re amazing just the way you are and resolutions iaren’t always necessary.

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