What advice do you wish someone would’ve given you as a disabled person?

It’s a question i have sat (pun intended) pondering about many times, what advice could i give myself or wish someone would have given me when navigating or transitioning from the non-disabled into the disabled world and in all honestly even now. There is no wrong or right answer as the advice can be given, it’s entirely up to the person you’re giving it to whether they take it on board or not, as we are all very good at giving others advice but listening to it ourselves it so much!

I just know I am a very different person compared to the person that you might have met when I was as a non-disabled person, I remember the struggles I faced going through my bodies transitions – living with Muscular dystrophy a progressive muscle-weakening condition my body can charge year on year.

So what advice do I wish I was given.

You are going to be okay – live to learn, grow, enjoy life, persevere and do what fills your soul and fulfills your dreams! You might have to fight hard for what you need and want but take it by all four wheels and work with it and remember you know yourself better than anyone.

Never be afraid to ask for advice because if you haven’t got the answers there is someone out there that has.

Let yourself find out what your capabilities and abilities don’t be scared.

I also reached out to a few friends and here’s what advice they had.

Don’t cry when the consultants are mean to you… Tell them to f*ck off instead, many many wasted tears over people who don’t always know best.
I had a lot of what seemed like really stupid questions when I started as a wheelchair user! But no question is stupid.
How to use a wheelchair - I wish there had been a wheelchair "driving school" to teach me how to open doors one handed/from a wheelchair, negotiate uneven pavements, cambers etc.
Try not to overthink, perspective is so important, and wheelchairs are an icon of liberation.
To focus on the positives of using my long cane because it won’t seem daunting forever, and will be worth it in the long-run. Also to love and embrace my disability.
That the status quo can be rejected and changed. Go out there and change it!
Don’t take harsh words someone calls you personally.

So what advice do you wish you had been given or even wish you had now? – because you never know your advice might be what someone needs right now!

feel free to leave me a comment.

Kisses K

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6 thoughts on “What advice do you wish someone would’ve given you as a disabled person?

  1. I’m not physically disabled, but I had a friend who was in a wheelchair who had spina bifida. I remember him getting hit with an automatic swinging door once while he was trying to get through a double door entrance. I felt so bad for him, but what was his reaction? He laughed. I never forgot that. “That was awesome!” he said. Humor is worth more than its weight in gold.

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    1. That’s a brilliant story thank you for sharing –
      Yes absolutely totally agree humour is everything are use humour because sometimes it does make people feel that little bit more comfortable around me and my chair!
      Plus I truly believe what is the point in being miserable you have to make the best of a bad situation.

      Kisses K

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