I can now see an end

I am going to try and keep this as short and sweet as i can because i know there are still so many disabled and non-disabled people waiting for the vaccine and i know from my own experience as much as i was delighted to see so many friends get their jab date it was still mentally hard while you’re waiting to get your own.

As a shielder on the ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ list (and what a mouthful that is in itself!) when it was announced that we had the first vaccine available along with a list of the order in which everyone would receive their vaccination, i don’t think i’ve ever been so excited to get stabbed in the arm with a small needle before!

The face of someone
This is the face of someone who’s getting her vacation jab tomorrow!! Twitter post on 27th January 2021

After 332 days (as of today) of just seeing the same rooms day in and day out of my home, i am definitely ready to take the first steps to having some kind of normality back, even though it’s just been a year this journey hasn’t really ended for me since the beginning of march 2020 and many others stuck shielding plus with the lack of guidance and support it’s been difficult to see an end. However please don’t misunderstand what i’m saying i am not taking away from anyone that this whole situation hasn’t been hard on everyone, it’s just not been quite the same for someone who’s been shielding and their families – plus everyone’s journey will always be different.

Wednesday 27th – i received a call from one of the nurse from my GP’s who already knew me from giving me my flu and pneumonia jabs asking if i was okay for her to pop in (to my home) to give me a little prick in the arm, ‘ab-so-flipping-lutely i was’ she could clearly hear the excitement in my voice and said thought you might be excited – Thursday 28th i received my first vaccination jab – Astrazeneca vaccine.

One jab in the arm done one more to go – in 12 weeks time!

I know we still have a long way to go but it doesn’t stop that overwhelming feeling i had that this will soon end that glimmer of light that this crazy journey will end, i can’t explain those emotions – my husband said to me ‘i wasn’t going to tell you this because i thought it was selfish of me to have these feeling but when the door knocked and i heard the two nurses, i had a wave of relief that this is the first step in not constantly panicking every time i leave our house that when I come back i could possibly be bring something home that’s possibly very deadly to you, no matter how careful i am’ – it’s very easy to forget just how our loved ones that have been shielding with us are going though different emotions in protecting us.

Now comes the side effects i had – i am only telling you this because i wouldn’t be being true to myself and the promise i made to share my experiences and we tend to shield people from our truths in the worry of an eye roll or i’m sure it wasn’t that bad. Plus i don’t want to make out it was a stab in the arm and plan sailing, but in the same sentence i’m also not tell you to scare you just giving you the head up this MIGHT happen- again remember we are all different and will react differently also.

Disclaimer: the side effects are of my own experience not everyone will have the same from the Astrazeneca vaccination

I was pre-warned before hand of possible side-effects – thinking i’ll definitely just get a headache like everyone else, a friend advised me to take a couple of paracetamol that advice definitely came in handy ‘thank you’ as a few hours after i started to feel really hot with a headache, which didn’t come at the best times as i was just about to be a speaker on an online event i was asked to join. as the evening went on my whole body started to ached along with the headache, body overheating was much fun – the following morning (Friday) was definitely the worst day for me i felt like death warmed up. Hot cold, hot cold, throat and mouth was hot, headache, body ached, not much of an appetite and very tired, taking paracetamol definitely helped with all of the above.

48 hours later much better it’s wasn’t much fun but if i have to feel that way from something that could potentially protect me from something that could put me in the worse situation then i would do it again. To be be that one step closer to seeing family and friends.

For those that have been on the same journey as me we are in this together so please reach out if you are struggling.

Have you had what if any side effects did you have or are you still waiting for the vaccination or maybe your one of the anti-vaxxers I would love to hear what your thoughts are – feel free to leave me a comment.

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4 thoughts on “I can now see an end

  1. Had my “Jab” last Thursday at local GP surgery, headache and felt like I had been unplugged for a few days, back to feeling “normal” whatever that is!


      1. Looking forward to when we can all meet up again at our local MK MD support gathering, feels like a lifetime ago 🤔


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