Changing Places Toilets and Hospital

This week the Department of Health and Social Care announced the first round of funding of £500.000 to be given to 10 NHS Trust Hospital in England to build Changing Places facilities.

HDU Ward 6 – Milton Keynes university hospital

I’ve had many trips and sleep overs (hubby likes to say I abandon him) at Milton Keynes university hospital in many different wards but it was my first experience staying on the high dependency unit. Due to an operation i underwent in April of this year I call it my fanny MOT. After my fannyContinue reading “HDU Ward 6 – Milton Keynes university hospital”

My Operation – A fanny MOT!

Let’s talk smear tests and well everything lady parts! Im going to do a two parter post, The why I had to have an operation and the hospital ward I spent 24 hours on. On Tuesday the 23rd April I under went surgery where I was put under General anesthesia. If your unsure what General anesthesia is, it’sContinue reading “My Operation – A fanny MOT!”