Halloween – Things that go bump in the night!

One of my most favourite times of the year Halloween, as witching hour looms closer I get more excited of all the spooky movies I can veg out and watch back to back my most favourite ones aren’t that spooky but I love them all the same, hocus Pocus and Practical Magic plus you can’tContinue reading “Halloween – Things that go bump in the night!”

The Egyptians called it the plant of immortality.

The Aloe Vera plant some know it as the Miracle Plant and why not with it’s many known health benefits, it can be dates as far back as the Egyptian times, named the plant of immortality and as the wand of heaven to the Native Americans.It can be grown in the comfort of your homeContinue reading “The Egyptians called it the plant of immortality.”


Feeling have a funny way of raring there little head back into your heart after thinking you had made them disappeared whether it’s locking that volt up and throwing away the key “forever” So quicker than I could scramble around to find the key to lock it back up!! that locked volt popped wide open toContinue reading “Feelings “