Roll up, roll up! Circus Starr has come to Milton Keynes!

A quote “Circus Starr – the Circus with a purpose”

And how true is this quote –  circus Starr goes above and beyond to make everyone feel included from wheelchair users like myself to the visually impaired with auto descript headphones. 

It’s been a few weeks now since I went to see Circus Starr i can’t help but still feel the buzz and excitement you feel looking through the pictures and videos.

As soon as you see the big top with its bright red and white stripes the excitement just builds up, wheeling though the big top doors you can just feel the magic of the circus seeing stars and light just sparkling back at you, the sound of kids excitement adults too it just makes you feel like a child again you just can’t help but say wow – this was also my first experience seeing any circus so as you can imagine the excitement levels where already on overload.

It’s full of plenty of wow moments, giggles for all ages. I’m glad that it was Circus Starr that took my circus virginity!!

What makes this Circus different from any others it provides free seats for the disadvantaged, vulnerable or disabled whether your an adult or child, all while helping raise much needed funds for local charities.

Circus Starr offers all the things you would expect from a traditional Big Top  – The acts itself are incredible from around the globe energetic acrobats, aerialists with fire hula hoops on large balls, not forgetting the very mischievous Chico the clown – but it’s the audience that sets their events apart.


The difference this year circus Starr has a traveling partner the mobiloo team they are a changing places toilet on wheels, it was definitely amazballs knowing I had that freedom of not having to worry about how long I can stay out for or how much fluid intake will I have to limit myself to, just the feeling of not having any anxiety wheeling out the door I could just enjoy myself with my husband with no worries, as I’m sure every parent that attend was very grateful to see and not only experience the amazing circus but mobiloo as well.

If you haven’t heard of Circus Starr check them out see if their to a town near you show your support for the amazing show they put on for all.

The same goes for Mobiloo 

Kerry x

6 thoughts on “Roll up, roll up! Circus Starr has come to Milton Keynes!

  1. Sounds fabulous! I am hoping that Circus Starr come close to the deep dark depths of Cornwall soon! My son has never been to the circus. A local charity did organise an outing for disabled children with a different circus but it was not a relaxed performance, had strobe lighting and no Changing Places toilet. So many couldn’t go. These guys need to offer their services on accessibility advice!

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    1. Hi, just so you know we do come to Plymouth in our spring tour if this is any help 🙂 If you follow us on social media you will see our announcement when the dates have been confirmed. Once we have the dates you can apply for tickets on our website. I hope this helps 🙂 Sarah

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      1. I have been following you since the announcement that Mobiloo was booked for your shows. It really is awesome. Thank you for showing others how to be accessible.

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