Tips for Christmas & your mental health.

Did you know that An estimated 1 in 4 people in the UK alone experience a mental health problem each year, the most common of which are forms of depression, stress, and anxiety.

This time of year can be festive and cheery for some people but for others it can trigger unwanted and misunderstood feeling – you here a lot this time of year ‘it’s christmas time you should be happy or bah humbug. As much as this time of year is about joy and spending time with loved ones, it can also be one of the most stressful periods of the year, Christmas stress can add to existing mental health problems or create new psychological burdens.It’s good to try be aware of your mental health triggers, like spending time with people you’ve managed to steer clear from for the whole year but now it’s Christmas it’s a little bit harder with the family/friends gathering, being and feeling lonely at christmas can be a huge trigger.

So I thought I would give a few tips that I find help me and hopefully will help you over this Christmas period, if you start or feeling already your mental health getting bad.

Talk About Your Feelings

I know It’s hard to admit at the best of times your having a problem coping mentally and being this time of year you just don’t want to put a damper on anyone elses Festive excitement, but talking can help that mind fog lift You might be surprised to find a friend or family member to talk can be the best medicine, getting your feelings out instead of running around in your head can improve your mood and make it easier to deal with the tough times. It can sometimes feel good to take charge or ‘self-managing’ your mental wellbeing kind of empowering moment for yourself. It’s definitely a key and important to keeping your mental health ok. It’s worth making that time identifying who you can speak to if you are concerned about your wellbeing.

Get enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep can also leave you feeling low and deflated so try to get as much sleep as you can, try taking a cheeky nap if you can I find that always helps even just 20 minutes you’ll be surprised what having that little cat nap can do, especially over the Christmas period. Remember your body is pretty good at letting you know when I needs to re energise itself, so give in and allow yourself to rest when you need too

Planning ahead

Avoiding unnecessary stress over the festive season, easier said than done I know but by planning as much as possible leading up to Christmas plus being careful not to take on too much as this can add that extra stress you just don’t need, Remember saying “no” sometimes is not selfish at all, don’t be ashamed to say why your saying no or if your already taken to much on don’t be afraid to ask for some help People are always willing to chipping and I’m sure you’ll find you can help them to help each other.


Treat yourself

Christmas might be all about giving but how about giving to yourself once in a while a treat. Doesn’t need to be expensive you could give a best friend/s a call do a night in with your favourite take away and a funny film or do a pamper night to relax a hot bath with bubbles and candles. What ever you decided to do make sure it’s something that will make you smile and create those happy inendorphins, treat yourself in style because you deserve it.


Spend time alone

Christmas can be overwhelming from christmas Eve to Boxing Day so schedule in some alone time just to take a breath and gather your thoughts, for example use the 27th December as a quiet day recharge your batteries.

Drink Responsibly

With christmas parties in full swing some people have a little drink to take the edge off their anxiety or feeling lonely, just remember the effect of alcohol are only ever temporary. Christmas parties can encourage socialising which is great as laughed is a good happy tool, but it’s very easy to get carried away just know your limits. Always Drink Responsibly!

Eat Well

We all love to overindulgence over the Christmas period, if your like me it’s definitely feels like a gate way to say it ok it’s christmas, just remember what we eat can sometimes impact our moods so try not to eat to much stodgy foods, keeping everything balance will definitely Help your moods.

Well that’s me I hope you’ve found this helpful, merry Christmas have a wonderful time and remember you’re loved, appreciated, cared for, needed and you’re important to so many people.

                       Kerry x

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