MDUK President’s Award ~ Campaigner of the year 2019.

It’s been a few years since I went to a muscular Dystrophy uk conference but this one will always hold special place in my heart for many reasons. I totally feel like I’ve stolen somebody else’s life and someone’s going to pop up from behind the bushes saying I’d like my life back now please!Continue reading “MDUK President’s Award ~ Campaigner of the year 2019.”

2019 Shaw Trust Disability Power 100 List

I don’t know is how many times I’ve looked at the title thinking how do I even start writing this, as I’m struggling verbally with my words and anyone that knows me knows I definitely don’t struggle with words! I’ve been sitting (pun intended) on this little secret for a few weeks now, I wasContinue reading “2019 Shaw Trust Disability Power 100 List”

How to De~Stress when you can’t walk it off

We all get stressed at some point or another everyone has their own ways of de-stressing, you can find a lot online that helps you like going to the gym, jogging, walking etc but when your in a wheelchair a little bit difficult to jump up stick your joggers on and run it off, notContinue reading “How to De~Stress when you can’t walk it off”

Is feeling like a second class citizen ok!?

For me being disabled means a lot of things. It means I am reliant on my powered wheelchair to act as my legs for the rest of my life. It means I can often attend several hospital and physio appointments just in the space of a week. It means I use medical equipment to keepContinue reading “Is feeling like a second class citizen ok!?”

Challenge accepted!

Last week I sent out a tweet asking my twitter followers what I should write next. And a challenge was set by Fleur Perry : so I’ve decided not just to end the challenge with my but to carry it on the by tagging a few friends at the end! The challenge ~ Two QuestionsContinue reading “Challenge accepted!”

Invisible disabilities.

  Some Disabilities are in plan site to the naked eye, like mine for instance when you see me the first thing you see isn’t my dazzling smile; it’s my wheelchair. Then you have those with health conditions that can’t be seen to the naked eye. Those disabilities are called invisible. You may not be ableContinue reading “Invisible disabilities.”

Changing places and why I started campaigning!

In aid of Changing Places Awareness Day 19th July 2019 This will be my 3rd year celebrating the world of changing places, it’s definitely been named by my husband, family and friends as my favourite subject to talk about! I kinda fell into Campaigning about changing Places toilets by mistake after reading an amazing blogContinue reading “Changing places and why I started campaigning!”

My Tui experience as a wheelchair user on holiday.

  Hey everyone welcome to part-two of my Tui holiday experience this part is all about the Tui rep! We normally shy away from the rep intro’s because Well you’ve normally heard it all before – but this time round was different for some reason I felt like I need to go (always trust yourContinue reading “My Tui experience as a wheelchair user on holiday.”