Tips to help reduce Christmas stress and anxiety

‘Tis the season to be jolly. But what happens when it becomes to much to handle, your brain goes into overload making it harder to enjoy the festive season. There’s an added pressure when your disabled as it’s not as easy to just remove yourself to take a break, gather your thoughts or just catchContinue reading “Tips to help reduce Christmas stress and anxiety”

My personal Independence payment and decision

Back in August the brown envelope of doom came throw my letter box (thanks Mr Postie!), I wasn’t expecting it so at first my anxiety was fine then I opened it read the first few lines and boom the panic set in. Not going to lie how much fear the thought of the assessment processContinue reading “My personal Independence payment and decision”

I’m not a wheelchair!

Living with a disability can mean a whole mixture of things; but yes, you actually do have a disability or a list as long as your arm, you find ways of adapting your life and how you do things. One big down side of having a disability you also have to handle how others commentContinue reading “I’m not a wheelchair!”

How to De~Stress when you can’t walk it off

We all get stressed at some point or another everyone has their own ways of de-stressing, you can find a lot online that helps you like going to the gym, jogging, walking etc but when your in a wheelchair a little bit difficult to jump up stick your joggers on and run it off, notContinue reading “How to De~Stress when you can’t walk it off”

When it all goes wrong with a personal care Assistant!

For a long time it’s just been hubby and I plodding along together as a team, but having a Progressive muscle wasting disease called muscular dystrophy, my body changes year by year, it can sometimes be hard on a relationship/marriage with me constantly needing help with everyday tasks like dressing, washing even going to theContinue reading “When it all goes wrong with a personal care Assistant!”

How writing helps my mental health

When I started writing at a time in my life where I was struggling mentally, it became a way for me to express my feelings without the sense of worry of telling someone else about how I feel. I found comfort in writing my feelings down in black and white, I’ve come to realise it helpsContinue reading “How writing helps my mental health”

CBT Therapy

I’ve never shied away from the fact I’ve battled over the years with depression and anxiety, I am a working progress like most people are. I always feel I have to work that little bit harder having a Disabilty already having a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy a Progressive muscle wasting disorder comes with it’sContinue reading “CBT Therapy”

Social media the light and dark side!

With the world of social media growing on a regular basis, You’ll find millions of people use media platforms as a way of voicing their opinions, stay in touch With friends and family or a way for disabled people to interact with people that have the same disabilities. However, as well as the bright sideContinue reading “Social media the light and dark side!”