Be Kind

In a world where we can be ANYTHING….. what do you choose?? If you’ve visited my page before you’ll know I don’t shy away from my own struggles with mental health, I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts for a while now waiting to be finished and with recent events that have hit ourContinue reading “Be Kind”


Mindfulness it’s about knowing directlywhat is going on inside and out ourselves and our lives. It’s all about our awareness of our thoughts, feeling, behaviour and emotions so that we can allow ourselves to live in the present moment. How much do we really do to help ourselves and our mindfulness?? I can think ofContinue reading “Mindfulness”

Saying Goodbye To A Beloved Pet.

When you become a pet owner they Automatically become a loved family member. This is definitely an emotional and heartbreaking post to write my beautiful little black panther has been with me since he was just 8 weeks old, I remember hearing this very loud meow coming up the pathway wrapped up in a blanketContinue reading “Saying Goodbye To A Beloved Pet.”