MDUK President’s Award ~ Campaigner of the year 2019.

It’s been a few years since I went to a muscular Dystrophy uk conference but this one will always hold special place in my heart for many reasons. I totally feel like I’ve stolen somebody else’s life and someone’s going to pop up from behind the bushes saying I’d like my life back now please!Continue reading “MDUK President’s Award ~ Campaigner of the year 2019.”

Embracing your Disability!

Living with a disability can come with many challenges that can be mentally challenging to live with, but saying that it doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t be happy within yourself or that you should let your disablity stop you from achieveing your ambitions/goals. People can be quick to think that every disabled person isContinue reading “Embracing your Disability!”

HDU Ward 6 – Milton Keynes university hospital

I’ve had many trips and sleep overs (hubby likes to say I abandon him) at Milton Keynes university hospital in many different wards but it was my first experience staying on the high dependency unit. Due to an operation i underwent in April of this year I call it my fanny MOT. After my fannyContinue reading “HDU Ward 6 – Milton Keynes university hospital”

My Operation – A fanny MOT!

Let’s talk smear tests and well everything lady parts! Im going to do a two parter post, The why I had to have an operation and the hospital ward I spent 24 hours on. On Tuesday the 23rd April I under went surgery where I was put under General anesthesia. If your unsure what General anesthesia is, it’sContinue reading “My Operation – A fanny MOT!”

My Cough Assist machine

I like my Life to be full of smiles and laughter… But I want to share apart of my life I don’t normally show everyone, not because I’m ashamed or scared of what others may say, And I’m definitely not looking for any sympathy as this is my life and I’m ok with that it’sContinue reading “My Cough Assist machine”

Setting new milestone with a personal assistant.

It’s been over a year in the making but we finely made it, as of the 7th January I set a new milestone in my life living with Muscular Dystrophy. It’s only ever been hubby and I battling though learning and adjusting as my condition gradually progressives as the years go by. I have aContinue reading “Setting new milestone with a personal assistant.”

Let’s talk about sex baby!!

Don’t get to scared I’m not going all fifty shades of grey on you all – or am i Recently I’ve found myself in a few conversations about “Disability and Sex” so being the person I am ‘let’s talk about sex as a Disabled married women. The most common question I get asked is doContinue reading “Let’s talk about sex baby!!”

Friendships can be Powerful & Magical!!

It’s been a few months now since I join up with a group of girl-friends to start our own twitter group called MDbloggersCrew, and so far it’s been truly amazing being apart of something that’s not only brings you closer as friends it’s also very magical to watching something you’ve helped create grow as eachContinue reading “Friendships can be Powerful & Magical!!”